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Storia da un Busker (Italiano)
da 1987
Fin da bambino, ho sempre amato suonare ma ero anche convinto che non sarei mai diventato un musicista di professione sicuro del fatto che, facendolo per denaro, sarebbe finito il divertimento ( e
A Busker’s Story (English)
Since 1987
Ever since I was a little kid I always loved to play music, but I always said I'd never become a professional musician. I felt that if I did it for money it would stop being fun (and we all know
Consigli per i Busker (Italiano)
venerdì 16 marzo 2007
La gente mi domanda spesso : “Non e’ duro suonare in strada?” Rispondo io: “ Quando va bene e’ il miglior lavoro al mondo. Quando va male, diventa un incubo!”. Fortunatamente, negli ultimi 15 anni,
Busking Tips (English)
venerdì 16 marzo 2007
People always ask, "Isn't it rough playing on the streets?" I always respond,"When it's good, it's the best job in the world. When it's bad, it's real bad." Luckily for us, in the last 15 years
Shizuoka Japan
sabato 7 ottobre 2006
After years of wanting to get an invite to Japan, I was invited to the Daidogei Buskers World Cup in 2006. It was a great experience going to Japan! I ate sushi with lots of wasabi for breakfast,
Japanese T.V. Ads
Thursday 24 February 2005
In the winter of 2004, I got a call asking if I was interested in participating in a casting for doing some TV ads in Japan for a chain of pachinko parlors called Meiho group. I’ve always been
Ooooh Sticky & the Greasy Pigs
Since 1989
How did I get together with  "Ooooh Sticky & the Greasy Pigs"? The story goes like this... I was playing on the street in Rome one day about 13 years ago. I ran into a friend who told me that there
Maxwell St. Market, Chicago
mercoledì 28 marzo 2001
“First we’re gonna kill it, then we’ll take it apart, then we’ll kill it again”. It’s not like Chicago was exactly overflowing with cultural gathering places. In fact it’s a very segregated city.
Tammurriata-"The Rhythm of Vesuvius"
Friday 16 March 2001
The first time that I heard the rhythm of the tammurriata I was blown away. It was such an ancient sound with the rhythm of a fast heartbeat. After  12 years of being in the middle of the
Festivals In Italy
sabato 18 marzo 2000
There are literally hundreds of street festivals of all kinds each year in Italy. I personally recommend Terzo Studio for anyone looking to play in Italy. Their big festival is "Mercantia" at
I’ll be using this section to talk about bands, travel and busking experiences (past and present). I suppose that’s what most blogs are anyway.