The Straniero
Mark Di Giuseppe
For more than 20 years, Mark Di Giuseppe-"The Straniero", has been thrilling audiences 
around the world with his unusual inventions and music. Born in Chicago and now based 
in Italy, Mark has travelled to many countries and borrowed from many cultures. His 
musical styles range from Jazz to Rock to Classical to Folk. He sings in English, Italian, 
Neopolitan, Spanish, Japanese, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese and Rom (Gypsy). 
In the show Mark not only changes musical styles, but his physical appearance thanks to 
a large selection of masks, wigs and props. Elvis sings "Buona Sera, Signorina", the Blues 
Brothers sing "Rt. 66" and "Minnie the Moocher", a Punk sings "Should I Stay Or Should I 
Go?" and even "My Way", the Devil himself sings "Sympathy for the Devil", George W. 
Bush sings "Caravan Petrol", Joel Grey sings "Cabaret", Godzilla sings "Sukiyaki Song" in 
Japanese and Bob Marley sings a medley of his own songs! (Please note that the costu- 
me changes are not documented in the video which is several years old!)
His instruments are his own inventions. Nowhere else can you find instruments like "The 
Bordellofono", (the classic "on the back" type one man band taken to the extreme, 
completely electrified with trombone and tuba), "Radio Guaglione", (An all acoustic 
ultra-light one man band covered in lights for walk-abouts) and "The Stranierofono", (the 
combination bass clarinet/accordion that finest luthiers in Europe have called impossible 
and is even documented in the International Museum of the Accordion in Castelfidardo, 
Italy!) All of the Straniero's instruments are beautifully decorated with internal colored 
flashing lights as well. They are as much a pleasure to look at as to hear. 
Mark's experience has taken him from television and radio performances in America, 
Europe and Asia as well as TV commercials in Japan to the professional Shakespearian 
theater circuit. He is equally at home on the big stage as the street. He can play a small private party or a 
concert for thousands. The Straniero has been invited to far to many festivals around the world to mention, 
but a few are... 

"Mercantia"-Certaldo, Italy 
"On the Road" (1st prize winner!) Pelago, Italy 
"Ple de Riure"-El Masnou (Barcelona), Spain 
"Daidogei Buskers World Cup"-Shizuoka, Japan 
"Vis Festevalen"-Vestervyk, Sweden 
"Buskers"-Neachatel, Switzerland 
"Festa Italiana"-Chicago, Il, USA 
The Straniero's street show requires only space to play (fairly level ground). All instruments, amplifiers and 
lights are battery powered and there is no need of electrical current for less than 2 hrs. For more than 2 
hrs. an electrical outlet is required close to the performance space for re-charging. For walk-about 
shows, the organizer must clearly ask for a walking show. There are additional costs for walk-about 
shows and special equipment must be brought by the artist from home. For stage shows, The Straniero 
requires only one instrument mic with a boom stand.
Via Loce 6 
Marina di Minturno 
(LT) 04028  Italy 
Tel. +39 (0771) 68 29 25 
Cell. +39 (347)634 7303