An Anthem for the Street
On this web site, you’ll find information about me, my shows, my instruments, world culture and music, other artists, festivals, assorted crazy and humorous stuff and busking in general.
I had hopes that my site could be a tool to help get street performers together mentally and physically. To some extent it has worked. But magic only goes so far. Trying to network a group of people who by definition are mostly travelers without regular homes is a pretty big task! If you wish to be linked to this site, let me know.

I wish that I had the time to keep up with all of the people, happenings and events going on in the world and play my music, but for now I’m mostly sticking to the music and updating the site when I can.

This is a very large site that took a long time and much organizing to put together! Enjoy yourself! (Please clean your table before leaving, Thank you!)Home_files/straniero1-1.jpg
Name: Mark Di Giuseppe
Age: 42
Birthday: June 21st
College: The Street
Major: Hard Knocks
Occupation: Raising one hell of a racket!
Favorite Color: Monkeyturd Brown
Favorite Book: Mark Twain’s Diary of Adam & Eve
Favorite Movie: Brazil, Underground, Leningrad Cowboys Go America!
Favorite Food: Sushi with lots of wasabi!
Favorite Quote: “The purpose of rock n’ roll is to convince girls to pay money to get close to you.”
-Richard Hell
  1.  My photo albums
The Straniero
July 2006
Street Artists
May 2006
Gaia Di Giuseppe
March 2006
  1.  FUN
  2. 1.Spike Jones (My biggest inspiration!)
  1. Traveling and performing around the world has given me a long list of crazy friends! Click here to meet artists from the 4 corners of the globe.
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